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Brass Wall Mounted Candle Holder from India – 99 cents

Your local thrift store provides you with the bare bones of great household goods waiting to be re-found and transformed into design gems. What’s the trick? Recognizing the potential behind the items by learning to look at the core of the items instead of their current finished state.

Questions to consider:

1. Is it an interesting design (the form, proportions, size) ?

2. Is it built in a sturdy way?

3. Is it made out of good material (real wood or metal, authentic paintings, etc.)?

White Melamine Dresser with Brass Detail $59.99

Easy changes that could transform the item:

1. Could it be more interesting if you painted it a different color?

2.What if you upholster with different fabric?

3. What if you just polished the metal?

4. What if you changed the hardware or other pieces (for example: lamp shade, handles, frame)?

Dining Chair from Set of 6 Chairs + Table $220

Be creative and play with different techniques. Visit your local Home Depot to explore the materials offered that allow for infinite possibilities of changes you can make.

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  • Danielle says:

    Great finds! I especially like the Indian candle holder and the dresser with brass details. Thrift/Vintage stores are also great places to find clothes. I think I bought six pairs of shoes, a LV belt and a purse in a thrift store in Austin, TX all for $20..


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