NEW MUSIC: Spring 2011

02/23/2011 § 1 Comment

I’m always looking forward to discovering new music. There are those classic songs that have accompanied me throughout the years and each remind me of different individuals, places or events in my life. Though I pay them a visit from time to time, I enjoy the sense of change from exploring completely new sounds.

New music is like new shoes. New life. New experiences. It allows you to create new memories rather than reliving old ones. It speaks to your current experience.

Ana, our new Music Contributor, has helped me put together a nifty soundtrack for Spring 2011 showcasing some of this season’s best indie music.

So here goes nothin’!

A Soundtrack for Spring 2011:

1.Mumford & Sons: The Cave

2. The Decemberists: Down by the Water

3. Edie Brickell: Waiting for Me from her new album “Edie Brickell”

This one is so fresh from the oven that there’s no video for it yet! However, you can check it out on iTunes!

4. Junip: Always

5. The National: Anyone’s Ghost

6. Black Keys: Howlin for you

7. Iron & Wine: Tree by the River

8. Arcade Fire: Modern Man

9. Florence + The Machine: Cosmic Love


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