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I’m big on treasure hunts. I’ve been that way since the age of 3 when I first discovered the concept. Two decades later the treasures have changed but the idea remains the same. To me, being the design junkie that I am, the most exhilarating types of finds are cool furniture and accessories at very affordable prices. In this state of mind I recently visited my local thrift store to see what treasures I could dig up.

The following are images of my favorite items from the visit to Out of the Closet on Alton Road:

Coasters with architectural prints of monuments from German town

Small porcelain vessels with metal latch

Classic white porcelain candlesticks

Pair of red modern faux suede chairs

Polished chrome chair: Needs to be re-upholstered but has a great frame!

Bamboo and wicker chair: I would paint this glossy white or black and call it a day!

This could come in handy for Bonnaroo (Nashville is very close to Manchester)!

Hmm I never read Under The Tuscan Sun but just seeing this made me imagine being in Tuscany so it made it on here!

This was a cool little book with nice old school illustrations


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