Miami’s Local Music Scene

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It used to be that Miami had very limited options for true music lovers looking for a good time.

Electric Pickle (c) The Miami Hurricane

Most of what was available were the numerous nightclubs in Downtown & SoBe, bars in the Grove and happy hour in the Gables. The problem was that most of these venues played only electronic, hip hop or latin influenced music.

That all began to change with the digitalization of the music industry. In the past few years artists of all shapes and sizes have been touring more frequently because of large falls in sales caused by illegal music downloads made widely available through the internet. Even for those who still buy music the fact that they can buy songs individually without having to buy the whole album (like in the heyday of CDs) put a big dent on overall sales.

$0.99 per song vs. $15.00 per album?  Great for us, sucks for them.

To make up for this, artists are performing in cities where they didn’t used go to before because they didn’t really have to. Now we can locally get a good taste of genres that just weren’t as readily available before like folk, alternative rock, funk, classic rock, and electro-indie.

Keeping up with this growing trend in demand we have seen a fortunate jolt in the uprising of  raw live music venues around Miami. Finally there are so many shows in town that it’s hard to keep up!

By: Ana Paula Bastos

The following are some of the great venues where you can catch a great show or on regular days enjoy something a bit out of the ordinary:

1. Bardot

(c) VPS Photography

French speakeasy vibe. Pool table. Intimate.

3456 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood Area

2. Tobacco Road

Miami’s oldest bar, open since the early 1900’s. Grab a beer and burger while catching a live show in the outdoor patio or in the upstairs room.

626 South Miami Avenue, Brickell Area

3. Electric Pickle

Chill in their backyard or dance til the weee hours in their newly renovated upstairs room.

2826 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood Area

4. The Vagabond

Aweeesome patio- wanna hot-dog? got it. Wanna lounge on a daybed for freeee? got it. Want some MJ and Clash? got iiiiiit.

30 Northeast 14th Street, Wynwood Area

5. Bar

No Cover. No Hassle. They’ve got a pool table and board games, and picnic tables out back and new artist installations every few months.

28 NE 14 Street, Wynwood Area

6. Bougainvillea’s

Is this Miami? Feels like we’re in the Caroliiiinas. Cozy cottage, poker night on Mondays.

7221 Southwest 58th Avenue, South Miami Area


* * * TALK TO US: What are your  favorite music spots in Miami?


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