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1. Okay so browsing through my bookmarks of favorite blogs I came across thismodernromance and was reminded of how stunning and truly romantic is the work of this husband + wife team of photographers. I insist, you must browse their portfolio of latest work for a dose of this sweetness!

2. Last month Hospitality Design Magazine released their 2011 Design Awards and this laid-back industrial-cool New York spot stole a Best Green/Sustainable Project Award. Bell Book & Candle, designed by Grade Architecture & Interior Design, has an aeroponic roof-top tower garden where they grow 60% of the fresh produce that goes into their dishes. Their menus also constantly change according to what’s growing upstairs. Talk about vertical farming!

3. So last but not least, while shopping for a client on my day job this week I spruced on up into this gorgeous store in Miami’s Design District only to find an amazing collection of the most beautiful and sophisticated furniture and accessories! Even if you have no plans to purchase it’s honestly worth a “window-shop” for any interior-design enthusiast! Michael Dawkins Home.

Have a beautiful weekend!


THE SHOP: Plant the Future

GIO PONTI: The 20th Century’s Renaissance Man

HOLGA, WHO?: Toy Cameras

BEST OF: Outdoor Furniture

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So summer is definitely here! It’s time for sitting back, sipping on your favorite ice cold beer and having a good time with friends. It might help to have a comfy outdoor living room or the perfect sun-bathing loungers to aid those relaxing good times. Below are some of my favorite suggestions that will do the job and make your outdoor space feel and look the part:

MILAN: Salone del Mobile 2011

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Baccarat in Milan Salon Del Mobile 2011

Baccarat in Milan Salon Del Mobile 2011

EVERY YEAR IN MILAN THE MOST INNOVATIVE AND INFLUENTIAL PERSONALITIES of the design world gather for a week to contemplate the newest creations, trends and technologies. This year the event hosted by Baccarat and Veuve Cliquot was held April 12-17th. Baccarat displayed their new collection of crystal chandeliers amongst whimsical cloud installations (as seen above).

So what did all the big names in Italian design bring to the table this year?

Moroso displayed the Biknit Seating collection by Patricia Urquiola: “an exaggerated stitch pattern, an expanded, intense aesthetic transforms a weave into a visible, dramatic design.” They also showed her Klara collection of wooden chairs, Tokujin Yoshioka’s Memory chair and Doshi & Levien’s Impossible Wood chair among several other novelties.

MOROSO Biknit by Patricia Urquiola

MOROSO Klara by Patricia Urquiola

Artemide showed off Karim Rashid’s newest lighting creation, the Nearco pendant, alongside Guido Matta & Enrico Girotti’s Nuboli lamp (a translucent ceiling pendant in the shape of a cloud).

ARTEMIDE Nearco by Karim Rashid

ARTEMIDE Nuboli Lamp

Zanotta presented their 2011 Novelties at the show including the steel asymmetrical Lama Chair by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba alongside the twisted Elica 2576 Table that comes in a white or black high gloss finish.

ZANOTTA Lama Chaise

ZANOTTA Elica 2576

Domitalia brought to the table some beautiful new seating options with the New Retro chair by Fabrizio Batoni Design, the Playa chair also by the same designer, and the glow-in-the-dark outdoor Baba chairs by Radice Orlandini Designs.

DOMITALIA New Retro Chair by Fabrizio Batoni Design

DOMITALIA Playa chair

DOMITALIA Baba chair


DE CASTELLI Shrouded dresser

RAW EDGES Plaid Bench

CASAMANIA Loop Chaise by Sophie de Vocht

MAGIS Zartan Chairs by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitlet

Philippe Starck collaborated with Eugeni Quitllet to create the entirely natural Zartan chair. Made of a new technology using “liquid wood” the chair is molded much like polycarbonate but fuses only with other natural materials such as fibers, wax and fish oil to create a “strong, non-toxic alternative to petroleum-based plastics”. The chair is envisioned in 5 varying finishes: bamboo, flax, hemp, jute and rattan.

SPAZIO ROSSANA Flat Table Peeled by Jo Nagasaka

Balloon Bowls by Marteen de Ceulaer

Belgian designer Marteen de Ceulaer came up with an innovative method of creating bowls by pouring dyed plaster into a balloon then placing another balloon inside it, blowing it up and allowing the plaster to dry. The result is organic as the bowls have an array of varying color, sizes and shapes in a smooth finish and irregular edges.

CASAMANIA Rememberme chairs by Tobia Juretzek

Another response towards sustainability was brought by designer Tobia Juretzek with his Rememberme chair made of old garments that would otherwise have been discarded and unused.

FUTURE TRADITIONS Paper Chairs by Lei+Christoph+Jovana


FENDI Installation by Rowan Mersh

Watson Table by Paul Loebach

* Photos of objects in Other Highlights are (c) of Design Boom

GET THE LOOK: Beach House in Bahia

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April 2011 Brazilian designer Sig Bergamin opened his beach house in Trancoso, Bahia to Elle Decor. There they found a crisp white backdrop on the floors, walls and exposed-beam ceilings. Bergamin took this blank canvas and introduced layers of color, pattern, style, and textures. Borrowing pieces from all corners of the world, the house manages a laid back vibe while engaging curiosity. The bones scream traditional Caribbean while the furnishings range from ethnic (African, Middle Eastern and Asian) to classic modern and nautical – inspired decor.

Want to get the look?

Check out my collection of items inspired by the project by clicking on the board below! Want to buy some of these goodies to really transform your space? Olioboard connects you directly to each manufacturer so you can do just that! Personally I’m really loving that blue ikat lounge chair and those beautiful bird prints!

GET THE LOOK: Beach House in Bahia

THE SHOP: Matter Matters

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December 2010 I went to Design Miami and met some of the very nice people behind an awesome showroom from NYC called Matter Matters. They carry truly unique and well-constructed pieces by some of the most influential and innovative designers around.

Check out some of my favorites of their many treasures below:

Ball Light Large by Michael Anastassiades $800

Tall Tank by Alexander Taylor in pea green $1,800

Superordinate Antler Sconce by Jason Miller $360

Crochet Table by Marcel Wanders $1,563

Periodic Table by One and Co. (pure silver over reclaimed timber) $42,000

Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid $40,000

Crate Series No. 8 Chair by Jasper Morrison for Established & Sons $1,440

Quilt Armchair by the Bouroullec Brothers $6,060

Tank Chair by Alvar Aalto (1937) $5,528

Circus 3 Shelves by Steven Burkes for Matter Made

Blue Faceted Vase by Thaddeus Wolfe $600

BEST OF: Side Tables

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These are some of the most unique and just plain beautiful accent tables around! There are sculptural pieces like Baker‘s Lotus Table (4.) and High Fashion Home‘s Sherwood table (9). There are innovative designs like Luminaire‘s Illusion table where the mirrors slowly fade into clear glass (8.). And then there are those pieces that reinvent classic designs such as Andrew Martin‘s Howard Side Table in steel (5.).

1. Almost Tube Table $ 1,375 , 2. Pilot Table , 3. Soane Side Table , 4. Lotus Table ,5. Howard Side Table in Steel ,6. Hans Barbell Table $895 , 7. Zipzi table by Michael Young , 8. Illusion table by Jean-Marie Massaud

9. Sherwood Iron Table $839 , 10. Side Table Letter T , 11. Vetro End Table $529 , 12. Digitable by Patricia Urquiola , 13. Bubbles Ceramic Side Table $129 , 14. Terra Stool Small $149 , 15. Parsons Accent Table $ 450 , 16. Aluminum Hexagon Side Table $149


Chances are if you’re reading this you must be a design junkie too so tell us: What’s your favorite accent table?

GIO PONTI: The 20th Century’s Renaissance Man

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Designer Feature, vol. 4

When you think renaissance man in the world of design Gio Ponti is your guy. This man was a painter, an industrial and furniture designer, an architect and the editor and founder of the quintessential Domus (1928) and Stile magazines.Born and raised in Milan, Ponti was an advent propagandist for the love of architecture and design which he wrote of in his 1957 collection of essays Amate l’Architettura (published in english as In Praise of Architecture).

Ponti utilized Domus to openly explore diverse topics of his concern and express his personal views all the while maintaining a clever openness that established the magazine as Europe’s most influential architecture and design magazine.

Gio Ponti was in Milan around the same time as the avant garde Futurists and Group 7 were exploring their ideas for radical change. Though he was around the key figures of these movements Ponti remained focused on finding the “finite form” in design rather than revolutionizing existing dogmas. He had his own ideals of design that bloomed from Modernism but were more particularly concerned with context, comfort, function, lightness and elegance. He was an admirer of Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus but was certainly not one of those “glass box boys”, as Frank Lloyd Wright once clarified.

Villa Planchart, Caracas 1955

Villa Planchart, Caracas 1955

Villa Planchart, Caracas – This classic Modernist house was designed in 1955. Here Ponti created almost every aspect of the project from the architecture and interiors to most of the furniture and objects as well.

Villa Planchart, Caracas 1955

Villa Planchart, Caracas 1955

Villa Planchart, Caracas 1955

Villa Planchart, Caracas – The garden from this house was designed by infamous Brazilian landscape architect who often worked with Niemeyer and was responsible for the original plans of Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road and the cobblestone boardwalks of Rio de Janeiro, Burle Marx.

Model for Villa Planchart in Domus 1955

His daughter summarized Ponti’s career with the following remarks, “Sixty years of work, buildings in thirteen countries, lectures in twenty-four, twenty-five years of teaching, fifty years of editing, articles in every one of the five hundred and sixty issues of his magazines, two thousand five hundred letters dictated, two thousand letters drawn, designs for a hundred and twenty enterprises, one thousand architectural sketches. It was a great deal, and all from one man”.



Villa Arreaza, Caracas 1956

Villa Arreaza, Caracas 1956

Villa Arreaza, Caracas 1956

Gio Ponti Hotel in Sorrento, IT

Gio Ponti Hotel in Sorrento, IT

Gio Ponti Hotel in Sorrento, IT

Gio Ponti Hotel in Sorrento, IT

1970 Il Manifesto della Casa Adatta by Gio Ponti



Bilia Table Lamp designed 1931 by Ponti is currently under production by Fontana Arte

0024 Lighting Pendant designed in 1931 by Ponti is also currently in production by Fontana Arte

Diamond Lounge Chairs by Gio Ponti

Designed in 1953 by Gio Ponti and made in Italy for Singer & Sons this table is available on 1st Dibs for $9,750

Flatware set designed in 1960 available for purchase on 1st Dibs

Superleggera Chairs in black and white from 1957 available on 1st Dibs

Italian walnut chest by Gio Ponti from 1950’s on 1st Dibs

Rocker from the 1950’s designed by Ponti produced by Cassina

Gio Ponti in Caracas, 1954

Design Museum – Gio Ponti

1st Dibs – Gio Ponti

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