Art Basel Miami: Saturday at Wynwood

Saturday night I hit up NW 2nd Avenue with some friends to check out the bustling scene in Wynwood. It was enticing to see so many people from out of town as well as our locals come out to see what all the fuss is about.

The street art made it all worthwhile!
Many artists were working on murals well into Gallery Night. There was spontaneous breakdancing, a skateboard lit up with LEDs, and DJs blasting music on the sidewalk.

In the galleries some of my favorite pieces were The Horse at The Hangar Gallery for its ethereal nature and “Contemporanea” by Suzy Iglicki for addressing the pressing issues of poverty and urban sprawl in Latin American cities.

Outside, the murals at the Wynwood Walls stole the show. Sixteen new works by International graffiti artists were added to the initial twelve. Though Shepard Fairey’s mural was one of the originals from 2009, I fell for it all over again!










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