My New Home: THE DEN

I’ve started 2012 in a new home! We closed January 3rd, moved in January 4th and slept here for the first time on the 5th. It’s now been almost 4 weeks. Naturally, the more time passes by, the more ideas pop into my head for what the spaces can become.

First of all, I realize I have completely contradictory tastes. There is the minimal modernist in me that came from my days at UM. There is this love for everything natural and vernacular from my childhood in Rio de Janeiro. There is this inexplicable love for nostalgic and old things that I believe can be traced from my love for history and travels abroad. There’s also my feminine side that’s attracted to shiny, soft and pretty things like silk, cashmere, crystal, flowers, colors, and ornate patterns.

How do I mesh all those things into 1 home? Well, I’m guessing it might be a bit tricky, but it’ll be a fun challenge.

Today I used my den for the first time. I now have a white Parsons desk, a reading lamp and a camel leather office chair. I want to paint one wall with chalkboard paint (an idea I’ve been drooling over for sooo long) and place the Distressed Wood Bookshelf from West Elm immediately adjacent to it. In front of the bookshelf I want to create a cozy reading spot with a beautiful leather butterfly chair, a fluffy pillow and a floor reading lamp. The desk area will have two Parsons desks with Ikea Besta cabinets above and under-cabinet task lighting.

So here’s my take on creating a modern vintage vibe (a marriage of my loves) while providing all the necessary storage for my den.

Hope you like!





  1. Luciano

    I love it! (:


  2. LOVE it too!!


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