Choosing Paint Colors For Your Walls

Choosing the right color can be a bit tricky… Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to play safe with a neutral or go bold, sometimes you don’t know what colors go well with another you already have in that space, and sometimes you just don’t know why it looked so good at the store but you can’t get it right at home!

I find, when picking colors, it always helps to have a little inspiration. It really is all about finding what colors you are naturally drawn to and then choosing the best shades for your room.

First, let’s start with the inspiration part. Art, textiles, photography, fashion, anything colorful that you consider visually attractive can serve as an aid for establishing a palette!

It’s also good to keep in mind what mood you want to set in the particular space. Neutrals, blues and greens tend to be more formal and calming, while warm and bright hues are usually more sociable and lively.

The lighting in a particular room also affects your perception of the color and the mood. North-facing windows don’t receive direct sunlight and bring in a cool light that casts a slightly bluish light. South-facing rooms tend to be much brighter and receive warmer light. The color temperatures of the lightbulbs in your light fixtures also affect the overall mood and colors in the space.

Once you’ve chosen a color palette decide which colors you will use as your main colors and which will be accent colors. Normally, it’s safest to choose the boldest hue as the accent color. You can then paint your walls one of your main colors and use accessories, like pillows or a nice vase, to bring in those pops that will complete the palette.

Go to the home store with your palette inspiration and buy 2 or 3 samples that you find the closest to your main color. Paint small squares of each on the wall (around 5″ x 5″), let dry, and look at it in different lighting conditions (morning, afternoon, night with lights on) to pick your favorite one. Fight the urge to skip this step because it could save you a lot of time & money – Trust me, you will regret not doing it if you commit too quickly and decide the shade is “too this” or “too that” AFTER the job is complete!


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