The Birth of a Handmade Logo

A few weeks back, when in need of a little graphic design inspiration, I found Work by e Bond – a web and book designer who’s spent several years designing for Anthropologie. You’ll see her site has beautiful spreads with tactile visuals filled with paint sploshes, cardboard, and handmade typography. I’ve always wondered how they actually created these graphics…

Then, while checking in on one of my favorite blogs this Sunday, Bright Bazaar, I found the missing link: “Behind the scenes of making a book cover“.

I had spent all day Saturday shooting the apartment of my lovely and talented designer friend, Lisa Whyte from Design Whyte, and woke up Sunday still in “the zone”. One thing led to another, and I began shooting letters using a long leaf I cut from my garden. I then used a little Photoshop magic to create the above logo.

So here’s my first shot** at what I like to call “handmade graphics”.

The possibilities are endless. The only drawback I foresee: I’ll have to make some extra space to house my growing collection of ribbons, rocks, branches, paper, fabrics, and other beautiful things I’d like to photograph.


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