Designing Your Home Away from Home: Renovating a Vacation Home

Lately I was asked if it’s more difficult to design and manage a vacation home project rather than having a local client. 

Though there are some obvious differences in being able to meet face to face, technology has made that much simpler and of course Fedex helps to speed samples along. Between emails, whatsapp, phone calls & video conferences staying in touch is really no longer a barrier to having long – distance clients. 

In reality it’s not very different from any other local project, overall the process is the same. In fact, locally we also give our presentations digitally for the best possible graphics while simultaneously reducing waste & a palette of samples/swatches of materials and finishes further explain the design. 

In truth long distance projects actually have a hidden perk: being able to provide a final reveal to a client that hasn’t seen the daily progress of the work in person & as a result taking away the stress of construction from them and leaving them only with the best part, the final result. 

That first moment they enter their finished home is always a shock. The absolute best feeling is seeing the tears well up in their eyes as they first walk in. All of a sudden their home becomes not just an interior but truly a dream made real that is now theirs to live and experience with their loved ones. This is what we designers live for. That is the moment of greatest fulfillment! 


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