Schlitz Up by Ingo Maurer

German lighting designer, Ingo Maurer has reinvented the recessed light. His Schlitz Lights create elegant slits to an imaginary illuminated realm above. Organic in form, light pours out softly from this daring design. The ability to recess the Schlitz Up and make it seamless with the ceiling is it’s most exciting and impressive aspect. It creates a minimal though bold statement in any room. You can purchase one for $4,140.00 from There’s an 8 – 12 week lead time. I love it! For more on Ingo Maurer and his spectacular designs click here!  Advertisements

IKEA PS 2012

So IKEA launched their new 2012 PS Collection this past weekend at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Inspired by 60 years of IKEA design, many pieces pay homage to earlier creations and are reinterpreted to fit modern aesthetics using sustainable materials. It’s also not a surprise that the 2012 collection follows the current fashion trend of using lots of bright optimistic COLORS. Here are some of the products that IKEA will be bringing into it’s stores throughout the US this August:

THE SHOP: Design Bar

On Friday, December 16th, one of my favorite design boutiques in town had a relaunching party: Design Box became Design Bar. This shop has vintage and handmade objects for the home from all over the world. From old polaroid cameras to handmade cards, stitched fencing masks and delicious French incense, Design Bar is a gem. In a place like Miami where glam and glitter abounds, it’s refreshing to meander through their collection of unique objects. Each item seems to have a story to be told, a home left behind, a previous life. It also helps that Design Bar is located in…

NEW FIND: Dering Hall

Dering Hall allows designers to sell their furniture and accessories directly to the public. It’s a great place to find the best quality for that one of a kind look. Sure, sure the pricing follows but, if you need something unique and budget is of less importance, then this is a great place to look. They say it’s geared towards the regular consumer but really I think it’s a great find for designers seeking that special piece! You can also follow your favorite designers and save your favorite product selections once you register to the site. These are some of…

FAVORITES: Kyle Bunting’s Cowhide Rugs

So I recently became aware of these beautiful cowhide creations by Kyle Bunting. Whether or not you are a fan of hide, these sophisticated designs ranging from Moroccan to retro are worth a shot! They can be customized in a multitude of colors from red to violet, white to black. Check out this modern white beauty: xoxo, Related articles 10 Ideas For Decorating With Cowhide Rugs (

BEST OF: Outdoor Furniture

So summer is definitely here! It’s time for sitting back, sipping on your favorite ice cold beer and having a good time with friends. It might help to have a comfy outdoor living room or the perfect sun-bathing loungers to aid those relaxing good times. Below are some of my favorite suggestions that will do the job and make your outdoor space feel and look the part:

THE SHOP: Plant the Future

I stumbled upon this boutique flower shop with my coworkers one day after work. The shop located on NW 2nd Avenue and 25th Street has a charming cacti garden adjacent to the entrance where an amazing array of desert plants sit amongst a choreographed sea of  white gravel. The amazing texture and contrast created by these differing specimens of plants move inside to miniature scale table top arrangements. These exquisite creations are complemented by white porcelain horses with grass manes and their Mother’s Day invention: an arrangement of orchids and live moss with a real butterfly cacoon from which the lovely…