It’s Turkey Day!

Gobble gobble! I hope everyone has a spectacular holiday with your loved ones with some juicy turkey and all the works! Thank you readers for checking in and following my blog. You inspire me to keep going and staying creative! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! X O X O ,

Schlitz Up by Ingo Maurer

German lighting designer, Ingo Maurer has reinvented the recessed light. His Schlitz Lights create elegant slits to an imaginary illuminated realm above. Organic in form, light pours out softly from this daring design. The ability to recess the Schlitz Up and make it seamless with the ceiling is it’s most exciting and impressive aspect. It creates a minimal though bold statement in any room. You can purchase one for $4,140.00 from There’s an 8 – 12 week lead time. I love it! For more on Ingo Maurer and his spectacular designs click here! 

Rocky Mountain High

Last week, I had the pleasure to spend 7 days skiing in Snowmass, Colorado to forget all about my troubles and enjoy quality time with my family. Ok, so I don’t really have that many troubles, but I do find it necessary to change the scenery once in a while and get away. The cold mountain air brought to me the absolute clarity I’ve been craving at home. The (literally) breath-taking Rocky Mountains are serene and so powerful that it’s impossible not to be present. I’m now back in Miami, craving some more snow, hoping this post will perpetuate my…

Art Basel Miami: Saturday at Wynwood

Saturday night I hit up NW 2nd Avenue with some friends to check out the bustling scene in Wynwood. It was enticing to see so many people from out of town as well as our locals come out to see what all the fuss is about. The street art made it all worthwhile! Many artists were working on murals well into Gallery Night. There was spontaneous breakdancing, a skateboard lit up with LEDs, and DJs blasting music on the sidewalk. In the galleries some of my favorite pieces were The Horse at The Hangar Gallery for its ethereal nature and…

NEW FIND: Dering Hall

Dering Hall allows designers to sell their furniture and accessories directly to the public. It’s a great place to find the best quality for that one of a kind look. Sure, sure the pricing follows but, if you need something unique and budget is of less importance, then this is a great place to look. They say it’s geared towards the regular consumer but really I think it’s a great find for designers seeking that special piece! You can also follow your favorite designers and save your favorite product selections once you register to the site. These are some of…

FAVORITES: Kyle Bunting’s Cowhide Rugs

So I recently became aware of these beautiful cowhide creations by Kyle Bunting. Whether or not you are a fan of hide, these sophisticated designs ranging from Moroccan to retro are worth a shot! They can be customized in a multitude of colors from red to violet, white to black. Check out this modern white beauty: xoxo, Related articles 10 Ideas For Decorating With Cowhide Rugs (