New Year, New Life

Ahh it’s January all over again. There’s that spring of hope for new beginnings and yet, that small seed of doubt if I’ll be able to keep the promises for the new year… I think, however, the doubt is healthy! It reminds me of my own power, responsibility and free will to transform my life and that what determines my success is within me. So January 2015 at Trace Blog will be all about creating that fresh slate. * FRESH PAINT * * FRESH DESIGN FACES * In keeping with this month’s theme, I think Brazilian poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, said it best in his…

It’s Turkey Day!

Gobble gobble! I hope everyone has a spectacular holiday with your loved ones with some juicy turkey and all the works! Thank you readers for checking in and following my blog. You inspire me to keep going and staying creative! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! X O X O ,

Wishing Tree 2012

On my way back home from the beach I stumbled upon this wishing tree. A wooden box beside the tree holds pens and small paper tags inviting you to leave a wish. I was inspired by the simplicity and sincerity of the wishes tied to the tree. A perfect encounter for the first day of the year!

5 Last Minute Decor Ideas for the NEW YEARS

Last Minute Table Decorating for New Years! Whether you’re hosting a large soiree or an intimate dinner tonight, make it unique by adding some fun touches… 1. White on white – This informal setting is just perfect with lots of white ceramic and hints of red. 2. Crystals – To bring a bit of glam to your party get out the bling!   3. Candles – For instant effect, layer different size candles and supports on your table. 4. Paper Goods – Bring interest to the decor at your table with some home-made embellishments like origami, theater masks and pom poms!…